Aging in Place Fall Proofing Upgrades for Senior 55+ Atlanta Residents

When you were ten years old and happened to trip and fall over something, it was usually Senior Couple Seriesnot a big deal. You would get up, dust yourself off and be back on your way. But for those who are in advanced years, a fall may very well be a matter of life or death. Fortunately, taking extra precautions, as well as installing accessible home modifications such as grab bars in your Atlanta home, can ease troubled minds and assure the safety of those who are fragile.

Fall Prevention Tips
Using common sense as your guide, a quick assessment of your house and its features can help immensely in the prevention of falls. Tacking down loose carpets, providing slip-resistant flooring, keeping clutter and shoes cleared away, removing trip hazards, protecting sharp-edged furniture and installing grab bars are all simple steps that can make a world of difference toward the security of older Atlanta residents – in fact, for people of all ages.

Adding aging in place upgrades such as a grab bar, walk-in bathtub or accessible shower, would be a great asset to the independent Atlanta or north Georgia homeowner!

Lever handles are easier to operate

Safety Home Upgrades
Beyond that, there are home upgrades that are designed especially for those who choose to remain in their homes. Elevators, stair lifts, ramps, and accessible bathroom designs including grab bars all improve the quality of life for mobility impaired individuals. They copy-of-moen-curl-gripgrab-bars-atlanta-home-modifications-llc1.jpginstill a sense of confidence and safety for caregivers and users alike.

Don’t settle for an unsafe home environment. Look into fall proofing home improvements that can make your home both comfortable and safe! Considering these facts, your work to fall proof your Atlanta home, or adding aging in place upgrades such as a grab bar, walk-in bathtub or accessible shower, would be a great asset to the independent Atlanta or north Georgia homeowner!

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Attractive Grab Bars for Your Atlanta Home

Who would’ve thought that practical, sturdy, safety grab bars might be attractive? And, while looking good, they’re tough, too! Stainless-Steel-Grab-Bar

Find more information about attractive grab bars for your Atlanta home and grab bar installation techniques at the Atlanta Home Modifications website, and contact us through the on line contact form.

Atlanta Area Grab Bar Installation Services – Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC

Atlanta area grab bar installation expertise and services are available from Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC. Grab bar installation, location and floor or wall placement is determined by:

  • Grab Bar User Medical Requirements
  • User Preference
  • ADA Regulations
  • Manufacturers’ Recommendations

Handicap safety grab bars for toilets, showers and bathtubs should be secured directly to the wall system with Secure Mount Hardware by Moen, Solid Mount Hardware, or into wall studs on either side of the toilet and in the shower, toileting or bathing area. Wall reinforcement may be needed to guarantee grab bar stability while users navigate the toilet and bathing areas. Fiberglass showers require a spacer between the shower wall and the stud.

HealthCraft products offer a wide range of innovative solutions for independent living including the SuperPole System; the Health Care Facility, Bedroom and Bathroom Safety Series; and the Invisia Collection.

In-Home Assessment – To review all of the factors to have handicap safety grab bars for toilets, showers and baths installed in your Atlanta home, contact Atlanta Home Modifications to set up an appointment. We will meet with you at your residence for an in-home assessment to discuss how we may assist you in solving particular safety or comfort challenges you or a loved one are facing.

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