Atlanta Area Grab Bar Installation Services – Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC

Atlanta area grab bar installation expertise and services are available from Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC. Grab bar installation, location and floor or wall placement is determined by:

  • Grab Bar User Medical Requirements
  • User Preference
  • ADA Regulations
  • Manufacturers’ Recommendations

Handicap safety grab bars for toilets, showers and bathtubs should be secured directly to the wall system with Secure Mount Hardware by Moen, Solid Mount Hardware, or into wall studs on either side of the toilet and in the shower, toileting or bathing area. Wall reinforcement may be needed to guarantee grab bar stability while users navigate the toilet and bathing areas. Fiberglass showers require a spacer between the shower wall and the stud.

HealthCraft products offer a wide range of innovative solutions for independent living including the SuperPole System; the Health Care Facility, Bedroom and Bathroom Safety Series; and the Invisia Collection.

In-Home Assessment – To review all of the factors to have handicap safety grab bars for toilets, showers and baths installed in your Atlanta home, contact Atlanta Home Modifications to set up an appointment. We will meet with you at your residence for an in-home assessment to discuss how we may assist you in solving particular safety or comfort challenges you or a loved one are facing.

For additional information or to set up an appointment with an Atlanta Home Modifications,LLC representative, call 770.880.3405, or email us at


Grab Bars for Baths and Showers in Atlanta

Are you shopping for new grab bars for your bathroom or shower? Grab bars are available in many lengths and styles to suit your needs and tastes. Contact Atlanta Home Modifications for a free in-home assessmentGrab-bars-Atlanta of your grab bar needs. We will visit your home and  evaluate the proper location and quantity of grab bars required in your bath or shower. We provide written estimates to provide and install the grab bars.

SecureMount grab bar hardware easily installs on residential and commercial bathroom and shower walls. Quoting from Moen Bath Products, Secure Mount hardware is appropriate for any location.“Easy secure install, anywhere on the wall. Utilizing the principles of physics, the D-shaped SecureMount anchor is precision-engineered for optimal bracing behind the wall. Since no studs are necessary, installation is as easy as 1-2-3.”

Whether installation of a grab bar is necessary for basic balance, or due to an emergency medical situation – we can assist you in installing just the right bar for your metro Atlanta home. Grab bars are available with a smooth or peened grip, and come in a variety of finishes.

For ADA grab bar installation in Atlanta, contact Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC at 770.880.3405 or by email.

Grab Bar Installation in Fiberglass Shower and Tub Enclosure

Just the right type of hardware is necessary to adequately and safely secure handicap grab bars to wood studs, wood blocking, shower and bath walls, and drywall. Solid Mount Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC Grab Bar InstallationHardware is a very secure installation hardware specially designed to bridge the gap between a fiberglass shower wall and the wood stud.

The fiberglass shower wall sets off the wood stud or blocking by .5 to 1.5 inches or more. Solid Mount hardware utilizes a long bolt and bracket to extend through the wall space to the stud. (Solid Mount Image from For more information about installing grab bars into a fiberglass shower enclosure, visit