Stair Lifts Provide Independence in Your Metro Atlanta Home

Curved and Straight Stair Lifts for Indoor or Outdoor Use
Curved and straight stair lifts are available for indoor or outdoor use to solve accessibility problems in an easy and affordable manner at Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area homes and commercial locations. Atlanta Home Modifications offers a wide selection of Sterling Handicare 2000 curved stairlift Atlanta Stair liftsstair lifts and other products designed for wheelchair users.

Vertical and Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts
One of the more common assistive devices available for use in locations where a ramp is not suitable are vertical and inclined platform wheelchair lifts.  These lifts are designed to move users while they are seated in their wheelchairs. Platform wheelchair lifts may be open or enclosed. Vertical and inclined platform wheelchair lifts  make it possible for a person to continue living a normal life in the comfort of home.

For more information about straight, curved and vertical platform lifts, contact Atlanta Stair Lifts/Atlanta Home Modifications by telephone at 770-880-3405, or via our web contact form.

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